Sorry about the mess…

I’ve been having some troubles lately with this website, some of them concerning WordPress, some concerning the hosting service provider… I’ll be modifying it all soon for the launch of the new webcomic, so I hope you can all put up with things looking a bit wonky while I figure it all out. Good hunting; […]


Made this image while thinking about my bike… damn, it’s been two months since it’s been in the shop already! Anyway, Pixie looks badass on it. If you’re a part of my Patreon ( you get the larger version of the image, the line art (for coloring) and the PSD file. Made live on my […]

2016-09-02 – “Illidan”

For 2016-09-02 Fanart Friday I decided to go with “Illidan”, from World of Warcraft. I don’t play, but I love the art and style. For download over on the Patreon (, as always, we got the large version (poster size), the lines (for coloring) and the PSD file in case you want to take the image […]


I hadn’t drawn Catrinas for a while, and I missed them. I tried something a bit different this time regarding color, lines and composition. Hope you like it! Over at the Patreon (, for downloads we got the sketch, the lines (for coloring), the LARGE version and the PSD file. Made live on