Comic for 2016-02-12: “VR GOD”

Today’s comic came to mind when I was imagining how Virtual Reality might change the way we play Pen and Paper RPGs. I mean, can you imagine once the technology reaches the point where most of us have VR headsets and the games and systems make the most out of it? Can you imagine how amazing […]


Commission: “Shun” – Finished!

This was an interesting commission to work on, and quite challenging as well! Normally, I work with very detailed characters, filled with layers of clothing, accessories and prints of all kinds. Shun, on the other hand, is clean, sleek and direct. It was a nice change of pace! Also, Shun’s sword is a glass katana, […]


Comic for 2016-01-29 – “Barbalous”

I’ve been letting my beard grow for a couple of months now, and it’s reaching the point where it’ll start to require “maintenance”. So my girlfriend took me to a pretty nice barber shop, and the guy there told me all about how to care for my beard – there’s oils, creams, shampoos, trimmers and […]


Fanart Fridays! “The Predator” (Yautja)

For last week’s FANART Friday on the Twitch Broadcast (www.twitch.tv/oabnormal), I drew a sketch of Predator. It’s a fun character to play around with and I enjoyed using a position I consider to be way more hunter-ish than the positions you normally see the Predator in. Next week: Commissar Yarrick (W40K). Patreon exclusives (www.patreon.com/oabnormal): Larger […]


Comic for 2016-01-22 – “Avant Garde”

I didn’t actually buy “beef tea”, per se. But I was at the supermarket and I saw that TANG is now selling tea – I normally just drink regular Iced Tea, normally from some standard brand like Lipton or Nestea. But TANG? They’ve always made that orange drink that’s actually quite disgusting. Now they’re making TEA?! […]