NEWS! No comic this week – And why!

I hate it when people post “I came to tell you that I can’t tell you something”… but… That’s exactly what I’m here to tell you. You might have noticed that I’ve been a bit more silent than usual these past few weeks, and not posting as much stuff.  There won’t be any comic posted […]


Comic: “That’s MY Dwarf”

I love all my characters, but right now Lizzie is probably one of my favorites to draw. It seems weird for me to praise a character I created, but seriously, I just love her in every way. She’s nice and simple but also different and unique. I like her attitude and she’s an all-around badass […]


Comic: “Gimme that”

Not much to say today, other than that I absolutely love drawing action sequences. My favorite thing to draw is perspective, but there’s something in the movement and dynamics of a good fight that just makes them fun to draw. And you can bet your ass it’s only going to get more intense next week. […]