I made a guest comic!

A former student and good friend of mine makes a webcomic about League of Legends called Life of Legends, and she needed a guest comic because Riot Games themselves commissioned an illustration from her for one of their news posts! So, proud of her as I could possibly be, I made her a guest comic. […]


Facebook Fanpage!

So, after having been told for YEARS that I should open a Facebook Fanpage for my work as an artist, I caved in and finally did. So if you’re of that inclination, well, you can also find me there! Click here to go there. (also, the link on the right sidebar now goes there, instead of […]

Check out the line-up!

If you’re wondering what to expect from current and future commissions, either because you’re interested in commissioning yourself or simply curious, now we have a page with a table showing what the commission line-up is, and the status of each image. You can even click the names to go directly to the search page for […]