WARNING: This post is just about how my computer’s fans failed and how I fixed the issue. I don’t think it’s interesting, AT ALL. But I used a power drill to fix a thing and now I feel proud of myself, so I’m making a post about it! Here goes: So for a while now […]


Not-a-comic… sorry

Last Tuesday, as soon as I got home from teaching a class at the university, I got a fever unlike anything I have ever had before. What followed then was one of the hardest colds I’ve ever gone through in my entire life, knocking me out well until Monday of this week. I’m still a bit […]


A comic: “Dangling distraction”

I was recently asked by a good friend to make a comic for a university project she had, which involved creating a feminist maganize. At first, I was reluctant to make anything, mostly because I’m not exactly a person that keeps himself up-to -date and knowledgeable in the comings and goings of this world. But […]


I made a guest comic!

A former student and good friend of mine makes a webcomic about League of Legends called Life of Legends, and she needed a guest comic because Riot Games themselves commissioned an illustration from her for one of their news posts! So, proud of her as I could possibly be, I made her a guest comic. […]