In celebration of May the Fourth, the Twitch channel ( chose Darth Maul as my subject for Fanart Friday’s broadcast – he’s’s one of my favorite characters from the Star Wars universe, so their choice was quite alright by me. Naturally, I didn’t want to just draw the character as he appears in the movies/comics/animation, […]

Fanart Friday: EVA00 (Evangelion)

So yesterday was FANART FRIDAY on the Twitch channel, and viewers voted in favor of drawing an EVA, from Neon Genesis Evangelion. I went ahead and chose my favorite, the 00. Patreon ( exclusive downloads include: – Larger sized image (3000px wide / large enough to print). – Lines without color (for coloring). – Sketch. […]

New commission: “Scuttle and Gulp” – Crabman design.

In this new commission we have two characters, an Atlantean and a Crabman, fighting against a giant mechanical Angler fish. This here would be the design sketch for Scuttle, the crabman, which I absolutely loved designing. A humanoid crab, 10 extremities, weapon and shield while swimming? Yes, please! ( Drawn live on my Twitch channel: ) […]

Fanart Fridays! “The Predator” (Yautja)

For last week’s FANART Friday on the Twitch Broadcast (, I drew a sketch of Predator. It’s a fun character to play around with and I enjoyed using a position I consider to be way more hunter-ish than the positions you normally see the Predator in. Next week: Commissar Yarrick (W40K). Patreon exclusives ( Larger […]

Fanart Fridays! – “SCORPION” (Mortal Kombat)

A couple of weeks ago (2016-01-08) I sketched out this image of Scorpion from Mortal Kombat for the Twitch Live Broadcast. Remember, Patreons ( get the LARGER version of the image, plus any extra materials like sketches, uncolored versions and such. Also, they get to see images a week earlier. Next week is the PREDATOR (Yautja), which […]