Comic: “Information”

There is no decision to be made this week, but I would like to know (out of curiosity) what you all think the symbol on The Mysterious Commander’s forehead might mean. For now, I’m way too tired to write anything else. So I’m going to go get some sleep and I might edit this rant […]


WARNING: This post is just about how my computer’s fans failed and how I fixed the issue. I don’t think it’s interesting, AT ALL. But I used a power drill to fix a thing and now I feel proud of myself, so I’m making a post about it! Here goes: So for a while now […]

Comic: “Toughen up”

The mysterious Commander attacks Lizzie, lunging towards her with his scissors open. As Lizzie instinctively raises her arms to defend herself and the Commander continues his attack, trying to cut at the arms – a strategy he has clearly used many times before. Cut the opponent’s arms so they can’t defend themselves. His attack hit its mark, […]

Comic: “Scissors and running”

I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to add a decision for everybody to make with today’s comic, and I eventually just had to admit that sometimes, there just won’t be anything to vote on. In this case, I needed the page to properly introduce the Mysterious Commander with Scissors, show […]