NEWS! No comic this week – And why!

I hate it when people post “I came to tell you that I can’t tell you something”… but… That’s exactly what I’m here to tell you. You might have noticed that I’ve been a bit more silent than usual these past few weeks, and not posting as much stuff.  There won’t be any comic posted […]

Comic: “That’s MY Dwarf”

I love all my characters, but right now Lizzie is probably one of my favorites to draw. It seems weird for me to praise a character I created, but seriously, I just love her in every way. She’s nice and simple but also different and unique. I like her attitude and she’s an all-around badass […]

Comic: “Gimme that”

Not much to say today, other than that I absolutely love drawing action sequences. My favorite thing to draw is perspective, but there’s something in the movement and dynamics of a good fight that just makes them fun to draw. And you can bet your ass it’s only going to get more intense next week. […]

Comic: “Things you expect”

Having chosen the “AHT” gkyph, meaning death, the arrangement then says “DARK DEITIES, DEATH MACHINE, CONTROLLED BY BLOOD”. Whatever that means, once it is assembled the statue on top of the archway springs into motion and attacks the party. It’s missing the head and its left arm but that doesn’t stop it from taking a […]