Comic: “Hair fair”

As most of you probably know already, I’m bald. And I’m not like those people that just have extremely short, buzz-cut hair. No. I’m actually bald. And I like it. I enjoy it. I even think I carry it quite well. I hate those men that try to hide the fact that they’re bald, be […]

The subject of Quiet in METAL GEAR SOLID V – or any connected discussion topic, for that matter – has always been a fascinating one to me. Not because of the actual contents of the discussion, though. I’m not interested in arguing about feminism, representation or sexualization – really, but much rather because I’m very […]

Comic: “Back and forth”

I wasn’t 100% certain about publishing today’s comic at first, because I just know too many people that it would apply to. But certain exchanges and interactions I had during the week sort of “pushed me over the edge”, and I decided to go ahead with it.   There’s a lot I could say, about […]