The Ninja Seasons – Winter

This is the next image in our series of seasonal Ninja wallpapers, it’s winter! As before, Patreons get access to the wallpaper in glorious 4K resolution. Next week, we’ll have something a bit more holiday-ish. You can check out the Patreon page, here: Good hunting; O

The Ninja seasons – Autumn

So, today instead of the comic, I’m posting this Patreon exclusive Ninja Seasons Holiday Wallpaper! The idea is to make this one for Autumn, then Winter and then the Holidays. Naturally, you can click the image to view it larger, but Patreons get access to it in wallpaper format. If you want a wallpaper from me, […]

Comic: “Thumbs up yours”

Why do I hate getting a “thumbs up” in chat so much? I guess it’s because I have never seen a thumbs up that I didn’t feel was forced, false, sarcastic or condescending. Maybe in the 80s, thumbs ups were cool, but nowadays… well… just no. Whenever I get one in chat, I feel the […]