Commission: “Relative Worlds- The Skybolt” – finished!

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This commission was fascinating to work on, because I had never really worked with spaceships before in such a serious manner. Relative Worlds is a series of hard sci-fi audiodramas, and the image of the space ship “Skybolt” was requested to look as if it were a logical progression of our current space ships, just way into the future.

Looking for references I actually learned a lot about what the future of space travel might be like, and the possibilities are really quite fascinating. In the end, I just wish we start putting more effort into it.

But anyway, the Skybolt main feature are the huge wheels located on each end, which are warp drives. For local travel, it has solar sails which can I designed based on flower petals, that can open and close and also change position more maximum efficiency. The ship has both a an enormous cargo hold and living quarters, both separated and on opposite ends of the vessel. In the middle is where all the stuff like the deck and such are located.

I really enjoyed this commission, and you’re going to see more work to come from Relative Worlds like character and creature design, scenery and more ships!

As always, you can see the process in the gallery below.

Good hunting;

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12 comments on “Commission: “Relative Worlds- The Skybolt” – finished!

  1. Any more information on to commissioner? I couldn’t find anything on relative wold other than your post.

    1. It MIGHT be that these audiodramas are still in production, I know he uses professional voice actors and the production value is really quite high – so they probably take a long time to make. Still, I’ll ask him where people can find them and let you know.

    2. Hey Dan. Didn’t see this till now, but O is right. This is a project under development. It’ll be a while before it sees the light of day, but the cast is set and working on it, and there will be a regular release schedule when it finally hits. My web site will be the first place it appears.

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