As they say: “Pardon our dust”

We’ve gone live with our new website, which I hope works to everybody’s satisfaction.

At the moment we’re still adding features and such, so things will get added as the week progresses. At the moment we’ve got the current storyline for The BONEBREAKERS Book 2 (which you can read in it’s entirety in convenient “gallery format” from the menu at the top) and we’re focused on adding the first book. After that, we’ll be adding the rest of the webcomic, although I’m considering adding those images in a separate gallery all of its own.

Like I said, it’s all still very much “under construction”, but we’re getting there. Feel free to let us know what you think!

Good hunting;

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10 comments on “As they say: “Pardon our dust”

  1. “Art, sketches, rants and baldness…”

    I also like the freak-out drawing/animation.

  2. dude… i totally dig it. the color scheme totally works for when i view your page too!! (super late/early am weee hours) cant wait to check in regularly! bring on the good stuff!

  3. Interesting! Not being a webcomic any more makes me sad, but really hoping the motivation to post updates continues. Blog’s haven’t been your best friend in the past and it’ll be sad if this turns into what they did, or the ninja clan, or any other number of things. Really really wishing you good luck with this transition! Hope it goes well and you can get what you need to continue doing what you love from it.

    Glad to see theministryofabnormality back ^_^

  4. Loving the new site’s color scheme. It works really well and is very easy for my tired old eyes to read. Is there somewhere you’ve posted your commission prices? I’m curious about the possibility of getting a character portrait done.

  5. Hmm I find the color of some fonts very difficult to read on the background. For example “Leave a Reply” is hardly noticeable as well as the date/time a post was written. Also, I would promote the patreon way more, right now I can’t even find a link :/

    Apart from the critics, I think it looks pretty good and makes a nice overall impression to me 🙂

    Good luck on your ways!


    1. You are right about the date and time, I had no idea they were there until you mentioned them.

  6. I have to say, you have come a long way! The new site looks jazzy as can be, and it’s not even hard to navigate! Good job!

  7. Not liking the new system, what I look for in a web comic’s site is the ability to visit the comic through a single url, to check that page, which changes content every time there is a new upload. Your site no longer has this from what I can tell.

    1. I can understand that. But as I’ve explained before, the focus of this new site is not the webcomic but rather the artwork. So you can easily access the webcomic through the top menu (and I’m adding a banner to the sidebar), but granted, that’s still a click or two more than before.

      But still! On Mondays, that the webcomic updates, it’s right there front and center!

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