Fanart Fridays! – “Modo” (Biker Mice from Mars)

2016-01-29-Modo-Biker-Mice-standardA couple of weeks ago I sketched out this character from the 90s show Biker Mice from Mars. I  remember my younger brother used to have an action figure – except his was Vinnie. His action Looked interesting, so I looked into the show and found my own tastes leaning towards Modo, the strong mouse with a cybernetic arm that rode a chopper motorcycle.

Since I’ve just recently purchased a motorcycle myself, I guess I felt the urge to work on characters that ride motorcycles. It was a lot of fun, although those 90 animations really have not aged well at all.

Patreon ( exclusives include:

– Larger version.
– Sketches.
– Line work version (for coloring).

Good hunting!

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