FANART FRIDAY: “ROBO” (Chrono Trigger)

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Last Friday I tried something new on my Twitch channel, and it was having a guest on my “Fanart Friday” show. It worked wonderfully and I look forward to doing it again this week, although getting guest artists for every week might be a little difficult while the channel is still small.

Still, if you missed it, it’s also on my YouTube channel (links to everything are provided below).

I absolutely LOVE Chrono Trigger, it’s one of my favorite games, ever. So I really enjoyed sketching out Robo, because after Frog, he’s one of my favorite characters in the game.

Patreon exclusives for this image are:

– Larger version (50×58 cms / 20×22 inches).
– Sketch.
– Line art (for coloring).


Twitch channel:
YouTube video:

Good hunting;

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