2016-05-06-MaulIn celebration of May the Fourth, the Twitch channel ( chose Darth Maul as my subject for Fanart Friday’s broadcast – he’s’s one of my favorite characters from the Star Wars universe, so their choice was quite alright by me.

Naturally, I didn’t want to just draw the character as he appears in the movies/comics/animation, so I gave him a bit of my own personal touch.

Patreon ( exclusives include:
-Larger TIFF file for printing (42×58 cms / 16.5×22.8 inches).
-Sketches (3).
-Line art (for coloring – 2 steps).
-PSD file.

Good hunting; O

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2 comments on “FANART FRIDAYS: “Darth Maul”

    1. Well maybe he doesn’t feel as interested sharing stuff when nobody comments on them. Although if that’s the case I’d like him o know that I do watch his stuff I just have got anything interesting to say.

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