Completed commission: “Freestone”

Click the image to view a larger version.
Click the image to view a larger version.

Commissioned image “Freestone”, a group of original characters by @VahnRPG.

They are, from left to right: Englip (on top of the vending machine), 0C3R, Redscot, Riken, Ifa, Sotok, Zarthod, MV, Uulglof and Bort. In the background, we have Riken’s ship, which I nicknamed “The Spacechicken”.


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3 comments on “Completed commission: “Freestone”

    1. Wow! Those are great! The whole image is a collection of cool ideas and outstanding execution. Well done!

  1. who paints their ship like that?!?! me now!!! space camouflage. cant see me in this nebulae!

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