Warhammer 40K – inspired commission (sketch)

I’m back!

Sorry I’ve been so absent, but I’ve simply been working on 3 huge commissions – and well… that’s it.
So, now that finishing these commissions is getting closer, I can start to show progress on them.

This image is inspired by Warhammer 40K, and it depicts a Sister of Battle and her Sister Repentias battling a Lord of Change (demon) and some space marines from Alpha Legion. The sketch itself is pretty detailed, but when working with W40K images you pretty much have to make detailed sketches because the universe is extremely detailed, and everything needs to be just right.

This sketch has a couple of details that need to be fixed, but beyond that we’re pretty much ready to go into the final lines.

Stay tuned for those and for progress reports on the other two commissioned images!

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