Commission: “Razorwing’s Ballad” – completed!

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Working on it about once a week since October, this is easily one of the most detailed commissions I have ever worked on. It’s an image based on the novel “Razorwing’s Ballad”, written by Kelley Ryan,  and it depicts an upbeat moment in the story when Scott Razorwing (the singer) and Redrock Villikissa (the guitar player) are celebrating… well… I’m not really sure how much I can say about the story without spoiling it. So let’s just say that they’re celebrating.

Like I said, this image is one of the most detailed I’ve ever made, not just because of the linework or lighting detail, but because every single element of the image has been accounted for within the story and was designed. From the table cloth to the cards on it, there isn’t a single part of this image that doesn’t have something to look at. Every single image on the wall is a parallel-world version of something from ours, and each one is its own separate image. As an artists that loves to go into excessive detail, this image was a blast to work on.

As this month advances, I continue to finish the commissions I have pending, so that next month I can start my new comic. Stay tuned for that!

Below, you’ll find a gallery with the process for this image. I hope you like it. This image was made entirely live on my Twitch channel (

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2 comments on “Commission: “Razorwing’s Ballad” – completed!

  1. Very interesting in-progress images!
    Do you often use 3d models to layout a big scene now? What program did you use for this mock-up? (SketchUp?) Have you used this method to find out shadows in a complicated lighting setup?

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