Commission: “Sisters of Battle” (lines)

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I’m not sure if this is the largest, or the second largest image I’ve ever worked on – but it sure is damn large!

Based on Warhammer 40K, this image depicts a battle between the incredibly awesome Sister of Battle and a Lord of Change, a demon of Tzeentch, supported by Alpha Legion.

This image has been an incredibly massive project which has led me to tons of research, references and learning about the Warhammer 40K universe – a universe I am in love with.

Now that the linework is finished, we are currently proceeding with the shading phase and doing it live over on my Twitch channel (www/ Pretty soon, color!

Also, once we’re done with this image, I’ll be starting a new webcomic. You know, FYI.


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3 comments on “Commission: “Sisters of Battle” (lines)

  1. Spectacular work, as always!

    The last paragraph of your post is what has me most excited, though. Sorry. :-7

    P.S.: Wow, I’m only just now noticing that the font in the comment form is completely readable! Well done! 🙂

  2. Hej O, love your 40k art, thou I remember you were not so fond of it before. Has commissions and having to learn about 40k universe made you like it more?
    Have you been playing some 40k RPG, like Dark Heresy or Only War?

  3. Hey O!

    I haven t been watching your stream for so long now… I m so damn busy with at work and with my house that i don’t manage to come & see you any more.

    I really hope everything is fine for you , this commision seems gorgious by the way.

    I miss you stream a lot and hope i’ll have some time for some ctluluhype anytime soon now.

    Best Regards my friend.

    Still following you.

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