Commission: “Sisters of Battle” (W40K) – Completed!

Click image to view a larger version.

This is probably the largest commission I have ever made (up until now, there’s another one coming soon that’s even larger), a full battle-scene of Warhammer 40K Adeptas Sororitas against a Lord of Change and his demons, along with Alpha Legion.

This image is exceedingly large, with a printable size of 3 meters wide (9,84 feet), and making it proved a challenge not just on the artistic side, but also because it really brought my computer down to its knees. But we pushed through! And so, I’m happy to share it here with you.

Below you’ll find a gallery with the entire process, plus some zoom-ins for certain detailed parts. I hope you like it!

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5 comments on “Commission: “Sisters of Battle” (W40K) – Completed!

  1. Honestly, this is some hell of a comission. And thank you for the insight in the creative process.

  2. You kids with your 64-bit systems and full-HD screens don’t know how fortunate you are*! I once had to draw a 2m x 1m picture that was going to be printed on canvas for a wedding. Sure, maybe I was overdoing it a bit by going for 300 dpi, but the result looked quite spectacular… Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to convert the middle segment (10,000 x 12,000 pixels) to PSD format, because my Windows XP machine only recognized 3 GB of RAM, and PSP X pushed it to its limits even with the 6,000 x 12,000 outer parts.

    Anyway, great commission. I never expected Warhammer to look so colorful! 🙂

    *) This is not directed at you, obviously, because I know you’ve been doing this stuff for a looong time. Maybe I should commission a high-res remake of the “Five Horsemen” poster…

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