Commission: “Eiger” – lighting study

Eiger-final-lightingI’ve been working on this commission of a character named “Eiger”. After the linework, I start to study the lighting on the character.

I’m not sure if you guys enjoy me posting each step of these images, but then again, I did say that I’d be sharing the process. So what do you think? Should I post each step or just wait until an image is done and post all the steps in one single post?


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8 comments on “Commission: “Eiger” – lighting study

  1. Posting each step of this image is actually great, giving us a better vision of your work and is really interesting (well, at least I think so).
    So if it’s not too much work, I would love if you could keep posting them ^^.

  2. I agree. I generally enjoy seeing how the metaphorical sausage is made. (The literal sausage is a different story.)

  3. I like the idea of daily (or so) posts that detail your progress on a drawing, if that’s not too much of a pain in the ass for you.

  4. If it’s not too much of effort for you, then I’d like you to continue posting these work-in-progress pieces. For me it’s much more interesting to look at an art piece as something being created from ‘nothing’ than just observing the final result. Also I find it more entertaining when you post them separately – because there is a reason to come back here more often (not just “check-in weekly”).
    Thank you anyway for sharing the process 🙂

  5. Actually it is a great idea to post every single step. It gives a good view on the work involved.

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