Once again, we are experiencing problems with out contact form. If you need to send us a message, for now please do so at “oabnormal(at)”.

NOTE: Please keep in mind that sometimes we experience technical difficulties due to our extreme lack of knowledge. We normally answer all our emails, so if yours hasn’t gotten a response, please feel free to contact us through any of the social networks linked above (top of the sidebar, on the right) or post a comment. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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7 comments on “CONTACT

  1. Hey O!

    Where can I buy your “Bonebreakers” Books?
    I was out of funds and now miss any shop.

    Greetings from next to Bavaria!

  2. I am commenting here because it is one of the websites linked on the Monster Numbers Kickstarter page. I have been trying to reach Darren or O by Facebook, Twitter, Kickstarter, and any other way I can find because they have stopped any and all communication about the outstanding Kickstarter campaigns. Darren has over $30,000 from THREE different Kickstarters that haven’t been fulfilled and yet he has stopped posting updates and stopped responding to any attempts at communication. He does seem to have time to post about his new career in stand-up comedy almost daily. I don’t even know if he and O are still working together but I am desperate to at least get a response.

    1. I don’t know if you ever received a response but he and O aren’t working together. AFAIK Dern basically pulled a fast one citing medical issues, took the money and run leaving O in the dark. Dern was the money guy (it all went through him) and O was just the paid artist working for him (with some creative control) more or less. There’s more information you can find out about it if you go looking (too lazy to do so and bring up the links myself), but O basically has no responsibility nor ability to deal with it and has been just as much, if not more negatively impacted than those supporting the Kickstarters.

      1. I have been looking and can’t find any info on what happened to the kickstarter projects, I am/was a backer of the card game and the seelie playing cards and even if O had been screwed over would have appreciated an email explaining what was up.

        1. Hey Stephen!

          I’m sorry nobody contacted you. And yeah, in fact when things fell through, I simply had no say or power over what happened with the projects. Since I had no access to the Kickstarter, either, I also had no way of knowing who was backing or any way to contact them as well.

          As for an explanation regarding what happened, well… I can only give you my version of what happened. So please take this information keeping that in mind.

          Anyway, what happened was that Darren was suffering from clinical depression and decided to place all projects on hold while he got better. The company SCALLYWAGS Int. and all Kickstarter projects were managed by him, including funds and such. For the purpose of full disclosure, I will add that I did – in fact – receive a salary from SCALLYWAGS Int., but I had no direct control over the funds or how they were managed, so by the time he was ready to come back, there was no money left. With no access to the Kickstarter online, or the merchandise placed in storage, I was left with no other option than to work as a commission artist to survive financially (which I still do to this day).

          Unfortunately, this means that all Kickstarter projects were left in the state they were at that time, with a lot of unsent merchandise in storage and projects with finished art but no printing. Like I said before, I have no way to access any of the merchandise, and no power to simply take over it.

          At the moment the best I can do is offer my sincerest apologies for how things ended up. I have not had any extended contact with Darren beyond a couple of messages, so I can’t tell you how to contact him or get any of your things. I am sorry SCALLYWAGS Int. didn’t work out, and I would’ve done plenty of things different in hindsight.

          And I guess that’s it. I hope this reply answers some of your questions and please do not hesitate to email me directly if you would like to discuss the matter further.


  3. Are you accepting new commissions? Getting married August 2017 and would love to commission a piece as a wedding gift

  4. Hi O,
    Is everything alright? It’s been a while since you’ve updated and the previous updates seem to have more time between them.
    Just a curious fan.

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