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12 comments on “ABOUT

  1. Dear O,

    I discovered commissioned a month ago and was actively reading your archive since the very beginning.

    I m not able to find them on this new website.

    would they,by any chance, be available somewhere?

    Best Regards.

    1. Commissioned became The Bonebreakers. Since then O’s writing partner Dern has taken a leave of absence. I’ve not heard anything of him for months. I’m kind of wondering if Skallywags International is still a thing.

      1. Well, i get that it s doesn t goes on anymore.
        I was just wondering about years and years of archive.

      1. What happened to the site O? I leave for a few (ok more than a few) and everything is gone, where are the ninjas? chtulhu? years or archives??

      2. On the right where? I see the comments in the middle and nothing to either the right or the left.

        1. There’s a link/image right there on the sidebar that says “The Commissioned Comic Archives”.

  2. So Im new to this place I was wondering what happened to China Doll 😛 She was a really cool character

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