Below is the current line-up of commissions. Please keep in mind that the time required to complete each image varies depending on the contents and complexity of each image.

If you’re considering commissioning an image, please contact me for more information and reserve your spot in the queue!

Commission “name” Description Status
“Finall battle!” A group of adventurers face of against a black dragon (Pathfinder setting). Sketching
“The murder hobos”. A group of adventurers runs through tow, carrying a sofa over their heads (Pathfinder setting). Sketching
“A wild adventure”. A group of characters goes through the wilderness (Pathfinder Kingmaker setting) Sketching
Cenobites. This commission is secret and no further details may be given*. Sketching.
Mercenaries A couple of mercenaries emerge from hiding (Shadowrun RPG). In queue.

* “Secret” images are commissions that cannot be shown to the general audience, for any number of reasons.

Below are the finished/completed commissions:

Commission “name” Description Status
Eiger A tiefling character from the Pathfinder RPG. Completed.
Brialla An Aasimar character from the Pathfinder RPG. Completed.
Redcap A book cover, for a fantasy novel about gnomes. Completed.
Dragon and the Phoenix A dragon and a phoenix circle each other over a ruined city. Completed.
Samurai Death A tattoo design of Death, as a Samurai. Completed.
WillowWalker A Khaijit character, from the Elder Scrolls RPG. Completed.
Lazarus A cleric character, from the Pathfinder RPG. Completed.
Arbegla & Calculus Two characters for the City of Heroes MMO. Completed
The Ecaflip An Ecaflip character from the Dofus MMO. Completed
The McAllisters A family of adventurers sets out from their home, ready for a quest. Completed
The Nymph and the hare A nymph rests by a tree, on a riverbed, with a hare on her lap. Completed
Andalib A Jhasin pleasurer from Calimshan, in the Faerun D&D setting. Completed
The Eathrin Stones Duli, a Dwarf, kneels with grief before a grave. Completed
Pokemon champion A trainer poses with his 12 championship-winning pokemon. Completed
Morbid Angel A teleformer from the Marvel Superheroes RPG. Completed
Snow Leopard A cyberpunk character, with his snow leopard . Pending.*
The Shnuck A character from the Improbable Island RPG. Completed
PHD in Alchemy A scientis in her lab, a mixture of science and fantasy. Completed
Relative Worlds Various illustrations for Sci-Fi audiodrama “Relative Worlds” Completed
Mac Sintosh A Warforged character, (from the D&D RPG) that became a god! Completed

* “Pending” images are images that are basically finished, but are still pending client approval.

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  1. its really cool to see that you have some steady work lined up O. cant wait to see some of this stuff 😀

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