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Thank you for your interest in my artwork, it means a lot to me. Let me tell you a bit about commissioning artwork goes.

First, all you need to do is send me a message, more or less describing what you’ve got in mind.

After that, I’ll email you back, letting you know how much it costs and any extra info that might be needed.
If you approve of these prices, all you need to do is send me your detailed descriptions plus any reference images, links or basically any extra info you think might help with the process. With this, I’ll produce some very rough sketches so we can focus our ideas. There might be a bit of back-and-forth involved in this part, as we reach a point where we’re happy with the sketches.
After that, payment is required before working on the finished image. PayPal is the preferred method.
Once the final image is produced, you receive a hi res file, suitable for printing (we’ll have some extra features available, like videos and animation coming soon)

Images of how the image progresses are posted on the website.

And that’s it, for now.

Again, thank you for your interest and support. I look forward to working with you.

Oh, and here’s a video sample of the entire process!

Good hunting;


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14 comments on “COMMISSION!

  1. Is there a price list for commissions? I keep looking but can’t seem to find any. I’m thinking about getting a three character commission done.

    1. Hey!

      Actually, prices vary from image to image. So feel free to send me an email with what you’ve got in mind and I’ll reply with a price.

      Good hunting;

      1. Okay, no problem. It’s taking a bit as this is going to be a group character portrait and our GM is a picky S.O.B. I keep telling him that no one is going to be able to draw his NPC the way he has her pictured in his head, but he keeps trying to find reference photos that come as close as possible. He has five so far. Still waiting for reference photos for the other character, he just hasn’t had time to do a search yet. I have a rough description of the characters and poses written up and will send you that and the reference photos that I have.

    1. That would probably be pretty difficult as it would be dependent on how detailed, and how difficult the image would be. Full color Images that would take longer to finish, with lots of small or intricate details would most likely cost more than simple single character, black and white images. So it’s highly believable that he would have to have an idea of the amount of work he would have to put into it before he could quote a price, even an estimate.

    2. True enough, it’s difficult to estimate a price without knowing anything about the work I’d be required to do.

      Nonetheless, on average, a character costs something between 90 and 150 USD. From there, it’s a matter of constructing your image to whatever you need and calculating how much it would cost.

        1. EDIT: Dammit, it seems my contact form isn’t working properly. Perhaps you could send me a message directly through one of the social networks linked above while I fix the issue?

          No I did not! And I checked all my spam folders and such. Could you perhaps send it again?

  2. Hi O,
    I sent some information regarding a commission to you back on the 15th through the gmail adress noted in your CONTACT section. You have not gotten back to me yet and I’m just wondering if it’s just a bit of a line (completely understandable) or if my message was lost to the eternal ether of the internet.

    Thanks for your time.

  3. So, can we commission you to finish Bonebreakers? I understand the whole money thing, eating and having a roof over your head are good things. I’m sure I’m not the only one who would pitch in to see you continue the Bonebreakers work. BTW, have you considered Patreon?

    1. Greetings Ron!

      Commissioning me to finish The Bonebreakers has actually been brought up before (not here, though). And while it might work as an idea to make money, the truth is that money isn’t the only reason I’m not making the comic anymore. I guess that for many different reasons, I just need a break from Bonebreakers for a while.

      When I’m ready, I’ll get back to it, hopefully feeling refreshed and with renewed energy and interest.

      I’m sorry, I guess that’s not the answer you wanted, but it’s all I got. I appreciate your interest.

      1. Oh, and I am actually going to set up a Patreon. But it’s for other kinds of content, like YouTube digital art tutorials and related materials. I’m actually recording right now!

  4. I saw that recent pokemon one you did, what would be the approximate cost of a guy + 6 pokemon commission?

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