Comic: “Monster Hunters”

Today’s comic is very important to me, and not just because Raven has made a very significant revelation (what do you all think of that, huh?). It’s also because it marks the beginning of something of an experiment. Of sorts. Kind of. I’ll try to explain. I’ve been having nightmares lately (bear with me). Ever […]


Commission: “The Shnuck” – Bears

So I went with watercolors for this image, mostly because I’m making some changes in my own artistic methods and such. Still, these bears will be digitally edited and polished and they still need volume and lighting. But I feel that the pencil drawing and watercolors make for much more dynamic linework and interesting texture. […]


Comic: “Truth or dare?”

Joining Lizzie after she’s beat the Mysterious 4-armed Commander, Raven pulls off his bandanna to reveal a weird symbol on his forehead. The seem to be magical in some way or another, soElf is able to read it and translate. He declares that the symbols say “LUNLOS LUSUS”, meaning “control” and “Lusus”, respectively. Meanwhile, since he’s so […]


Comic: “Information”

There is no decision to be made this week, but I would like to know (out of curiosity) what you all think the symbol on The Mysterious Commander’s forehead might mean. For now, I’m way too tired to write anything else. So I’m going to go get some sleep and I might edit this rant […]


WARNING: This post is just about how my computer’s fans failed and how I fixed the issue. I don’t think it’s interesting, AT ALL. But I used a power drill to fix a thing and now I feel proud of myself, so I’m making a post about it! Here goes: So for a while now […]