Comic: “Just sayin'”

I had different plans for this week’s comic. I was going to make an animated gif and everything. But… it didn’t work out. So instead you all get this little bit of truth: some museums are boring. Yeah, I know. Mind blown. Right? But seriously, I’m just tired of everybody acting like museums are magical places […]


Comic: “La Vaca Picosa”

I’d like to dedicate this comic to all my friends from Mexico. So yes, I bought some American cheese slices with Jalapeño this week. And yes, they were awesome. And yes, I do believe everything in Mexico is spicy. And yes, I think that’s awesome. And finally, yes. I do believe Mexican cows probably have […]


Commission: “The Wedding”

My rule with art is that I don’t do portraits, unless there’s something abnormal about them. So here I am, checking out different poses so I can draw this couple that’s getting married. You know, which one looks better, more loving… Oh? What? Yeah… did I mention they’re supposed to be a couple of Cenobites? […]