Comic for 2016-01-22 – “Avant Garde”

I didn’t actually buy “beef tea”, per se. But I was at the supermarket and I saw that TANG is now selling tea – I normally just drink regular Iced Tea, normally from some standard brand like Lipton or Nestea. But TANG? They’ve always made that orange drink that’s actually quite disgusting. Now they’re making TEA?! […]


Fanart Fridays! – “SCORPION” (Mortal Kombat)

A couple of weeks ago (2016-01-08) I sketched out this image of Scorpion from Mortal Kombat for the Twitch Live Broadcast. Remember, Patreons (www.patreon.com/oabnormal) get the LARGER version of the image, plus any extra materials like sketches, uncolored versions and such. Also, they get to see images a week earlier. Next week is the PREDATOR (Yautja), which […]


Comic for 2016-01-08

It always seems to be that the person standing in the line in front of me at Subway has this complex, elaborate idea of what a sandwich could be like. Hey, you know where might be a great place to make that super-special sandwich of yours? HOME. Go there. And that’s not even mentioning those […]