Comic for 2016-01-08

It always seems to be that the person standing in the line in front of me at Subway has this complex, elaborate idea of what a sandwich could be like. Hey, you know where might be a great place to make that super-special sandwich of yours? HOME. Go there. And that’s not even mentioning those […]


ARTBARF! – Space Marine sketch

Lately, as a hobby, I’ve been reading a lot about Warhammer 40K. I’m not actually interested in playing, actually. I just want to draw stuff from it. As a result, this is my first sketch of a Space Marine, where I’m simply trying to get a feel for their size, proportions and all that kind […]


Santa Claws Cat! – Holidays

Sorry Abnormals, no Ninjas here, today. But it is during this very special time of the year, that Santa Claws Cat wants you all to know that… YOU’RE NEXT. I woke up thinking about cats, so I decided to go with a Holiday Cat, and this is what came out! I designed this image specially […]