Comic: “It’s always gnomes”

You go up the stairs and through the door, which leads to another flight of stairs that takes you to a sort of mezzanine overlooking a large chamber. You can’t see the entirety of it from your position, but you can see that there’s platforms, passages, stairs, hanging bridges and what seems to be water (hopefully) at the bottom. […]


A comic: “Dangling distraction”

I was recently asked by a good friend to make a comic for a university project she had, which involved creating a feminist maganize. At first, I was reluctant to make anything, mostly because I’m not exactly a person that keeps himself up-to -date and knowledgeable in the comings and goings of this world. But […]


Comic: “Solving a maze”

    You have entered the tunels which were opened by the Kobold’s head explosion, and after a few twists and turns you come to a small room with two wooden doors – one on the base floor and the other on a second floor, accessed by a small flight of stairs. Neither door seems particularly […]