Commission: “Amarillis” – Finished!

This isn’t the first time I’ve drawn Amarillis. The client has several different versions of this character throughout different RPG and other fictional universes, and the last time we worked on her it was from the Pathfinder RPG (check it out, here: This Amarillis is from an alternate version of the Warhammer 40K universe. She’s a […]


Commission: “Ubrencht” – finished!

This is a portrait of the Ubrencht family. From left to right: Dario, Reinhardt, Nick and Ernst. They’re a family of characters from a “post-post-apocalyptic superhero setting”. Designing these characters was really interesting and challenging, since they mostly look like regular people, but have fascinating superpowers. I specially enjoyed designing the tattoos, for which I took […]



In celebration of May the Fourth, the Twitch channel ( chose Darth Maul as my subject for Fanart Friday’s broadcast – he’s’s one of my favorite characters from the Star Wars universe, so their choice was quite alright by me. Naturally, I didn’t want to just draw the character as he appears in the movies/comics/animation, […]


Comic for 2016-04-29 – “Equipment”

Today’s comic isn’t about any specific commission I’ve received, and it makes me chuckle how some of my recent or potential clients feel a bit self-conscious about their own commissions when viewing it. It is, however, about how sometimes we don’t really consider what a character carrying all the stuff we make them carry might look […]


COMMISSIONATHLON’16 announcement!

I wouldn’t call this a comic. I’d be more inclined to call it an “announcement”. I’m going to do a COMMISSIONATHLON during the middle of the year, for 40 days, during the months of June and July. The reason is quite simple, really. I’ve had a very bumpy ride during the first half of the […]


FANART FRIDAY! – Red (Transistor)

Transistor is such a beautiful game, and Jen Zee’s art is simply amazing. So I really loved working on this character. Made live on Twitch: Patreon exclusives include: ( – Large image. – Sketch. – Lines, for coloring. – PSD file. Good hunting! O