Comic: “Things you expect”

Having chosen the “AHT” gkyph, meaning death, the arrangement then says “DARK DEITIES, DEATH MACHINE, CONTROLLED BY BLOOD”. Whatever that means, once it is assembled the statue on top of the archway springs into motion and attacks the party. It’s missing the head and its left arm but that doesn’t stop it from taking a […]


“Collecting for Golem” – HEROES of the STORM contest entry

I normally don’t participate in contests. but when I saw that DeviantArt was holding a Heroes of the Storm Ultimate Fan Art Contest, I simply couldn’t resist. The idea was to generate an image with “at least” two of the game’s heroes – but HotS is a 5vs5 MOBA – so two heroes just isn’t […]

What I did last week…

So… yeah, you probably noticed that last week I was somewhat absent online, and didn’t update the website at all. That’s because I was extremely busy running a concept art workshop at the Colombia Comic Con. It was a lot of fun, and I got to meet some amazing, incredible artists. I wasn’t alone, either. […]


This week I’ll be running an art workshop at the local comic book convention, and it lasts SIX DAYS, working from 8am to 6pm. ┬áSo starting Tuesday June 16 and al the way until Sunday, June 21, I’ll be there, teaching and giving lectures and stuff like that. So this week I simply won’t have […]

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Comic: “The puzzle”

As Lizzie explains about how she and Raven first met, the group┬áreaches the bottom of the stairs, where there is a heavy metal door. It’s not certain where this door might lead to, but Elf seems to believe a series of glyphs that are found next to it are some sort of puzzle that would […]