Commission: “Andalib” – Finished!

So this image, commissioned by Atrus, was quite interesting to work on, mostly because of how different the character is to what you normally see in a RPG. Instead of a heavy-handed male/human/fighter or mysterious mage, Andalib is a sleek, astute bard that works in a pleasure house. That, plus the middle-eastern influences and overall […]


I made a guest comic!

A former student and good friend of mine makes a webcomic about League of Legends called Life of Legends, and she needed a guest comic because Riot Games themselves commissioned an illustration from her for one of their news posts! So, proud of her as I could possibly be, I made her a guest comic. […]

A note about the comic!

In the comments section of today’s COMMISSIONED comic I got a question, and I felt like I should post it here on the main page so as few people miss it as possible. The question, posted by Gramy Pashakitty, was: So… does this mean you aren’t going to continue the BoneBreaker’s story line? And I answered: […]