The Ministry of Abnormality – Book 1 – Pg.1


  1. Heh, looks promising. And I dig the mix of detail and simplification at the same time. Nice touch with the selfportrait in the ‘Go Bald’-ad. The main character, that slightly bugged mall-security-like lady, is a cool study. Makes me interested in that character right from the start. Your colorplay is strong; the security lady does stick out without too much contrast. Is this in concept phase or will it be a free floating strip like most of your older O-comics? Is there anything you could need/use in form of feedback?

    1. Actually, I’m at page 9 right now! I’m still trying to get the website in order, so I posted the first page to make sure it looked good and all. But I do hope to get everything up and running throughout this week, and start up with 9 pages right from the begining.

  2. Umm, the first few pages were online already, right? Or did I travel back in time? If so: Hi from my future self! 🙂

    I’m curious, though: Did you have this particular story in mind, back when you registered your domain (or even when you chose the “O Abnormal” moniker)?

    1. Yes, I had uploaded the first 8 pages, but the website needed some pages. I’ll be uploading the rest this week, as soon as I make some adjustments to the site.
      As for the idea for the webcomic, no. The names came first, and the stories later!
      I realize this is a very unorthodox way of building a story, but then… I do call myself “Abnormal”!

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