O wishes he had a better photo.

Fantasy and Scifi artist O Abnormal (Sergio Villa-Isaza) studied graphic design. Upon graduating, he decided to focus on his lifelong passion: illustration. Starting as an online commission artist in 2003, O has worked for numerous individual clients and companies. These include Wizards of the Coast, Mongoose Publishing, XBOX and Nike. Along the way, he has also published several independent products such as webcomics, board games, card decks, and numerous books.

In 2005, O discovered his other passion, teaching. He has been working with Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana (Medellín, Colombia) ever since. During his time there, O taught editorial design and basic Illustration. O currently directs the Digital Illustration program in Graphic Design.

While he loves pencils and watercolors, O works primarily in digital mediums. He has developed a style that focuses on detailed images with an emphasis in complex illumination and perspective.

In 2015 O started producing his artwork live on Twitch.tv, and became a partnered streamer. His archived videos streams may still be found at www.twitch.tv/oabnormal, but he quit streaming in 2018.

Since 2018 O works as a video game concept artist.

When he’s not producing art or teaching it, O enjoys motorcycles, video games, reading and spoiling his cats. He currently lives in Colombia, South America.

If you’d like to view a resumé, you can view an online version, or  download a pdf.

You can contact O here.