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As artists, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our craft. But also, as we advance, it becomes more and more difficult to find courses, classes, tutorials and such that adapt to what we need, specifically.

Here at the MINISTRY of ABNORMALITY ACADEMY of ABNORMAL ARTS we offer online private mentorship courses that are specifically made according to your needs. We analyze your portfolio and take into account your goals, and create a course that builds upon your pre-existing skills and level, to make sure that you can take your art to the next level.


For further information regarding openings and availability, please contact me at or click here to use the contact form.


We offer 3 basic forms of online teaching.

Cost: 420USD
A full, 6-week, 6-session art mentorship for taking your art to the next level. In this course we will go deep into your work and design a program specifically for you. No two courses are the same, because each artist has different needs. But the objective is the same for all: LEVEL UP! Reservations for courses are subject to schedule availability.

Cost: 70USD
One 2-hour session destined to review and discuss your art. Perhaps you need help figuring out what your next step as an artist should be. Maybe you’re stuck on a project and need a second pair of eyes to get it to the finish line. Could be that you’ve already decided to study, but you need help deciding what areas you should work on. Art consultations are for the artists that aren’t looking for a full-on course quite yet, but simply need some guidance and a different point of view. Reservations for consultation services are subject to schedule availability.

Cost: Minimum 350USD
(four sessions and 70USD for each added session)
For the artist that maybe needs a bit more, maybe needs a bit less, or perhaps needs something very specific. If you can’t find a course that fits what you need, then we can custom-make one for you! Perhaps you want to focus on perspective? Or maybe you only want to improve your anatomy this time? Let us know what you want and need, and we’ll develop a course for it. Reservations for custom courses are subject to schedule availability.


Each session has a duration of 2 hours, and sessions are once a week. Scheduling will be discussed once you have contacted us and is dependent on the availability.

Private sessions are held live through Skype, Discord, Google Hangouts or whatever system you prefer.

AND WHAT ABOUT HOMEWORK? The success of the course depends not only on the quality of the live classes, but much more on the discipline and disposition of each student to study and do the exercises which would be assigned throughout the course. This may also involve watching some extra videos and materials provided by the teacher. The idea is not to completely take over your life, but there needs to be a commitment from the student to make some time to study and do homework.


Send an email to (or click here to use the contact form) stating which service you’d wish to make a reservation for. Please include a link to somewhere where I can see your previous work (could be a gallery or portfolio). You will receive an email in return with available schedules and additional information.


How is payment handled?
Once you have received an email reply, you may choose a schedule and then a percentage of the cost is required to reserve your spot (dependent on the size of the course). The remaining cost is required before the course begins. Payments are normally handled through PayPal but other options may be considered on a case-to-case basis.

Are there refunds?
Refunds are offered only in the case that the course has to be cancelled by the teacher.

Are the courses available in other languages?
Courses are available in both English and Spanish.

Can anybody apply?
Art mentorships are meant for people that have at least a basic level in digital art. It’s OK if you’re an amateur, and it’s also good if you’ve got some fights under your belt already. We will review your portfolio before deciding to start a course with you, and if for some reason we feel we can’t help you (perhaps you need something we can’t provide) we will still gladly help point you in the right direction so you can study anyway, even if it isn’t with us. The Ministry of Abnormality reserves the right to decide who to take in as a student after receiving an email requesting reservation. Students must be of adult age (18+).

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.